Kemetic Glossary

Kemetic terms as translated by Budge.

(Yes, I know Budge is dated, but his are the largest dictionaries available.)  Some words like akhu have dual meanings.

Åhai- Hurray!
aakhu* – horizon
Aiutu – father
Akhu*- Ancestors literally means “Shining Ones”
ankh- symbol of Life
Ankh Udja Seneb–literally: Life, health, and prosperity. Also means Long live the king.
ba- soul
barque- ancient boat
bennu-Egyptian Pheonix
bethet khu- evil spirit
bethet heka – evil magic
bethet bint- evil woman
debens – measurement weight of metals
deshret- tall chair-shaped red crown with protruding coil
djet – eternity
djed pillar- object with at four cross bars surmounted by a small abacus used to support the architrave, and usually stands on a rectangular base.
djinni- genie
hak- to cast a spell
hebsewet- harem
hemet- female partner
hemet nesw weret- Primary Female Partner
hedjet- tall white conical crown ending in bulb
heka- magic
hekau- magician
henket- beer
Ieb- heart “Seat of the soul”
Iseft Heka- Chaos magic (aka Sex Magic)
ka- the body’s creative life-force
kalasiris–one piece dress worn by women
khaibit – blood sucking shadow
khat- the physical body
Kemet – What the Ancient Egyptians called their country.
Kemetic- language of ancient Egypt
khener- musical troupe
khu- spirit
khopesh– Egyptian curved sword
mer – pyramid
Mer Hah – Great Pyramid
naos – innermost shrine in temple
Neheh – eternity
nemes – a piece of linen cloth gathered together at the back of the head generally with fine accordion pleating on what is called the lappets, or folds
nefer -beautiful one
Nekhetet – Victory!
Neter – Singular of Neteru also means sacred words
Neteru – The Gods as a collective
Per Ankh – House of Life (learning center of all types)
Per Medjat- House of Books (Library)
pshcent- Double Crown of both the hedjet and deshret crowns
radi awyne- Help!
se’ ew perew – Guards!
sef – yesterday
Shasu – the Bedouin or ’sand dwellers’
Shemsu Heru – The Followers of Horus
shendyt- royal apron, or kilt, wrapped counter-clockwise around the king’s body. The royal apron is entirely covered with fine accordion pleating.
shenti- calf-length kilt
tuau- tomorrow
was-scepter -straight shaft with its handle in the shape of a canine head, and the base ending in two prongs.

The 3 Seasons of Kemet are:
Akhet- innundation
Peret – planting / growing season
Shemu- harvest

Egyptian (Kemetic) city names.
Most writers use the Greek equivalents. Because of my love for this ancient culture, I try to avoid it as much as possible.
Abdju- Modern Abydos
Bubastis- Delta seat of worship for Bastet.
Duat- The Egyptian Underworld.
Kemet- Ancient name for Egypt literally translated as Black Land.
Khmun – Hermopolis seat of worship for Tehuti
Men-Nefer – Ancient Memphis was located where Cairo is today.
Pilak- Modern Philae Seat of worship for Auset
Syene- Modern Aswan
New Age/Miscellaneous terms
Zep Tepi – The First Time
Zero Point – Zero Point is a concept developed from Quantum physics & mechanics. It is a place in the Void of Time & Space where matter & antimatter merge.

Arabic Terms
galabiyah– robe worn by modern Arabic men.
khamsin- desert winds up to 80 MPH (sometimes causes sand tornados)

Architectural terms
Caryatid- a support column carved to look like a person, usually a woman.
Clerestory window- A window or opening that allows light to come in through the slits in the vertical stone slabs. Mostly used in Egyptian temples and modern churches.
Cornice- a decorative crown molding
niche – a recessed area in a wall for statues
stele – slab of inscribed wood or stone