Card 10- Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: j ; duality

Sigil: Beneficent spirit of Mars

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Pluto

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Hebrew Letter: yod

Meaning: Destiny, fortune, outcome, felicity, godsend, special gain or unusual loss, culmination, influences affecting the outcome of a problem, inevitability, unexpected events, course of events from beginning to end.

Reverse Meaning: Failure, ill luck, broken sequence, interruption or inconsistency due to unexpected events, outside influences not contemplated.

Card 09- The Hermit


Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: the number 10- no phonetic value

Sigil: Camgel, spirit who’ll give you perfect knowledge of your genius.

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Mars

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Hebrew Letter: teth

Meaning: Council, knowledge, solid prudence, discretion, vigilance, circumspection, self-denial, withdrawal, solitude, esoteric knowledge, tendency to withdraw emotionally, failure to face facts.

Reverse Meaning: Imprudence, hastiness, rashness, prematurity, incorrect advice, failure caused by dullness, over-prudence results in unnecessary delay, immaturity.

Card 08- Justice


Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: kh, sieve

Sigil: Unknown

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Saturn

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hebrew Letter: cheth

Meaning: Harmony, balance, righteousness, virtue, honor, virginity, sincere desire, good intentions, well-meaning actions, advice, self-satisfaction, poise, impartiality, capability of perceiving temptation and avoiding evil. Favorable response to the good nature of others.

Reverse Meaning: Bias, false accusations, bigotry, severity, intolerance, abuse.

Card 07- The Chariot

The Chariot

Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: pa; the fly

Sigil: Zadkiel, good spirit will find treasure for invoker.

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Neptune

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Hebrew Letter: zayin

Meaning: Adversity, possibly already overcome. Turmoil, vengeance, success, voyage or journey, escape, perplexity, need for attention to details, urgency to gain control of one’s emotions, balance of physical and mental power brings glory.

Reverse Meaning: Defeat, failure, sudden collapse of plans

Card 05- The High Priest

The High Priest

Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: H; no determinative value

Sigil: Charcoal

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hebrew Letter: He

Meaning: Ritualism, ceremonies, mercy, humility, kindness, goodness, forgiveness, inspiration, alliance, compassion, servitude, inactivity, overt reserve, conformity, a religious or spiritual leader. At times this person is unable to adapt to  new circumstances and changing conditions. A person with a sense of historical importance.

Reverse Meaning:  Over-kindness, foolish, exercise of generosity, susceptibility, sensitive, frailty, impotence, unorthodoxy, renunciation.

Card 06- The Lovers

The Lovers

Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: f; snail

Sigil: Beneficent spirit of Mercury

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Venus

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hebrew Letter: vau

Meaning: Love, beauty, perfection, harmony, unanimity, trials overcome, trust,  honor, beginning of a romance, infatuation, deep feelings, optimism, freedom of emotions, struggle between sacred and profane love, trials, yearning, a meaningful affair

Reverse Meaning: Failure to meet the test, unreliability, separation, frustration in love and marriage, interference, fickleness, unwise plans.

Card 04- The Emperor

The Emperor

Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: T- hand

Sigil: Saturn

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Uranus

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Hebrew Letter: Daleth

Meaning: Worldly power, accomplishment, confidence, wealth, stability, authority, indomitable spirit, leadership, war-making tendencies, father, brother, husband, male influence, conviction, domination of intelligence and reason over emotion and passion, strength.

Reverse Meaning: Immaturity, ineffectiveness, indecision, weak character, feebleness, failure to control petty emotions

Card 03- The Empress

The Empress

Major Arcana

Card 03 -The Empress
Card 03- The Empress

Hieroglyph: G: No determinative value

Sigil: Intelligence of Jupiter

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: Jupiter

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hebrew Letter: Gimel

Meaning: Feminine progress, action, development, fruitfulness, accomplishment, mother, sister, wife, marriage, children, feminine influence, material wealth, evolution, a leader, the motivation behind a successful partner or husband, business woman, practicality, intuition.

Reverse Meaning: Vacillation, fluctuation, inaction, lack of interest, lack of concentration, anxiety, frittering away of resources, infertility, infidelity.

Card 02- The Priestess

The Priestess

Major Arcana

Hieroglyph: Ba- The Soul

Sigil: Spirit of the Moon

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: The Moon

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hebrew Letter: Beth

Meaning: Wisdom, sound judgement, learning, serene knowledge, common sense, serenity, objectivity, penetration, education, intuition, self-reliance, hidden emotions, lack of patience, platonic relationships.

Reverse Meaning: Ignorance, shortsightedness, selfishness, lack of understanding, improper judgement, shallowness, conceit.

Card 01 – The Magician

The Magician

Major Arcana


Card 1 The Magician

Hieroglyph: A – It’s symbol is the Kite.

Sigil: Och – A solar spirit

Magic Letter: Alphabet of the Magi

Planet: The Sun

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hebrew Letter: Aleph

Meaning: Originality, creativity, imagination, self-reliance, spontaneity, will power, craft, self-confidence, dexterity, ingenuity, flexibility, guile, trickery, unity between thought & emotion.

Reverse Meaning: Weakness of will, indecision, ineptitude, insecurity, disquiet, delay, lack of imagination, will power applied to evil ends.