Cleopatra’s Flower

If memory serves me right, I saw this legend, myth whatever you chose to call it on History Channel. The show revolved around Alexandria, Cleopatra, & the fall of Egypt. Most people know #Cleopatra was/is one of the most infamous female pharaohs in history. Cleopatra was not only beautiful, she was an intelligent woman with an excellent education, she spoke multiple languages, and was a ferocious negotiator. This woman led armies! Maybe that’s why Marc Antony fell in love with her.

An interesting fact about Cleopatra, she was a toxicologist. Surprise! She studied poison flowers and herbs. Cleopatra tested her poisons on slaves and fallen enemy soldiers. Marc Antony was well aware of Cleopatra’s hobbies. Even though he loved her, he didn’t trust her. Testers would taste his food and drink before every meal.

One night, Cleopatra and Marc were having dinner with friends and a lively discussion ensued. Cleopatra was pained Antony didn’t trust her and told him if she wanted him dead, he would be dead. Antony laughed. Dinner was placed in front of him and the tester, who must have been terrified, did his job. He nibbled the food and sipped from Antony’s chalice. When the tester didn’t die, Antony began eating. A few minutes later, Cleopatra tosses a flower into his cup. Antony lifts his drink, Cleopatra knocks the chalice from his hand, and tells him she could have killed him at any time she desired. No one knows what toxic flower she used, it’s lost to history. But this beautiful, dangerous woman will forever be remembered.

2 thoughts on “Cleopatra’s Flower”

  1. Hehe. Now I’m imagining a 2-minute shoulder rub with an oil that proves… toxic. There were many ways she could have ended him.

    1. Powerful, deadly, beautiful. No wonder she’s been fodder for writers throughout history. 🙂

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