10 Card Celtic Cross Spread

The 10 Card Celtic Cross is the most popular spread used in Tarot reading and has more depth than simpler spreads like the 3 card spread. Before you begin the reading, have the Querent, the person you are reading the cards for, shuffle the deck while concentrating on the specific question for which they want an answer. Their question can be about anything from love, career, family, or whatever is bothering them. On a side note, I rarely do readings for other people because I feel that the interpretations can be misconstrued so I typically read for myself.

The basic layout is set up according to the image to the left. Each card position represents the conditions, variables, & progression of the Querents’s condition. The beauty of Tarot is that each card can be interpreted in so many ways. The trick to reading the cards is to let the card tell you what it means. Go with your instincts and allow them to interpret the meaning for the best results.

The various card position represents the following as it pertains to the Egipcios Keir deck:

1.  The Present Position- The first card is the atmosphere in which the questioner is personally at and shows the area of influence that presently exists for the questioner. It represents the Questioner.

2. The Immediate Influence –  The second card shows the nature of the immediate challenges of the questioner. It can represent either conflict or support. It crosses the Questioner’s path ahead.

3. Goal or Destiny – The third card indicates the best that can be accomplished  based on the current circumstances of the questioner. It may also represent the aim or ideal within the present frame of reference. It crowns the questioner.

4. Distant Past Foundation – This fourth card essentially shows the events of the past which influence the present condition. It is behind the questioner.

5. Recent Past Events – The fifth card stands for the most recent influences or events that have just passed or are currently passing. It may also represent  the distant past’s influences currently exerting pressure on recent events. It is beneath the questioner.

6. Future Influence – This sixth card shows the broader sense  that the sphere of influences that are coming into being in the near future. This what’s directly in front of the questioner.

7. Questioner’s Present Position – The seventh card reveals the current position and the attitude regarding the surrounding circumstances.  The seventh card attempts to place the questioner into the proper perspective by bringing clarity to the questioner.

8. Environmental Factors – The eight card shows the outside influences affecting the questioner’s current position in life. They are the forces you have no control over. It reveals the tendencies and factors that exist with respect to other people who may have an affect on the questioner.

9. Inner Emotions – The ninth card represents  the hidden emotions, hopes and fears, and anxieties of the questioner. This includes the thoughts that will come to the mind of the questioner in the future.

10. Final Result – This final card’s meaning is not set in stone. It is the culmination and results of the influences as revealed by the other cards. If the influences continue as indicated, this will be the final outcome on the path the Questioner is current traveling on now.

One final thought in regards to reading Tarot for anyone, including other people. The meanings of the cards are suggestive and by no means conclusive. Allow your conscious & subconscious assign an expanded meaning in a manner conducive to divination and deep meditation. The questioner, no matter who they are, has the ability to change the circumstances and influences in their life to create a new outcome by changing the path they are traveling on now. 

Ankh! Udja! Seneb!


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