Myths & Theories used in my novel-in-progress.

The mythology surrounding Ra & Apep varies, but basically it boils down to one central story. Ra, the sun god, traveled on his solar barque where he traversed the 12 gates of the Duat (underworld). The 12 gates represented the 12 hours of night. The great serpent, Apep, lived in the 10th region of the Duat or the 10th hour of night. There he would encircle Ra’s solar barque and a great battle ensued. Ra and his attending Neteru (gods) always won and the next morning Ra would rise victorious. So naturally, solar eclipses terrified ancient Egyptians because it was believed that Apep had broken free of his prison. They would have been

Atum and Apep

in temples praying that the God of Chaos, Apep, would not swallow the Sun God, Ra, forever. In “Ankh of Time”, this daytime battle during a solar eclipse is the culmination of years of my passion and love for ancient Egypt.

I took this myth & twisted it with controversial theories about Egypt, Atlantis, & twins. In Atlantis mythology, there were 10 kings, all were sets of twins, so twins also play an important role in my story. This fresh blending of myth and theory are the basis of my fictional novel.

Almost everyone has heard of the Greek myth of Atlantis as told by Plato in Timaeus & Critias.  In Atlantis mythology, the god Poseidon fell in love with

Athanasius Kircher’s Map of Atlantis (c.1669). North is at bottom.

a mortal woman named Cleito. Poseidon carved out a mountain on the isle of Atlantis and built a palace where he and Cleito lived together.  To protect his family, Poseidon enclosed their home with three circular moats of increasing widths which separated the land into three rings. Cleito gave birth to five sets of twins with Poseidon.  When Poseidon and Cleito left, the island was divided among the ten twins with the eldest son Atlas designated as the ruler of all the kingdoms of Atlantis and the surrounding sea which we know as the Atlantic Ocean. For eons, Atlantis was a utopian society, but greed of men & their lack of homage to Poseidon angered the god. Poseidon destroyed Atlantis in a single day and night.

Controversial theorists speculate that the Hall of Records is hidden beneath the Sphinx of Giza. They believe the God of Knowledge, Tehuti (Thoth), was from Atlantis. It is said that he saved the world’s knowledge from the sinking continent & built the Hall of Records to protect it until such a time that humanity was ready to receive this knowledge.

My love for ancient Egypt is unfathomable. Every day I would say a little prayer to Tehuti in hopes he would inspire the words I put to paper that day. I had no clue when my girlfriend came over to visit, that her inspiration & nagging (I love you for it too) would bring me back to what I love, writing.

A solar eclipse is also a great time to do banishment spells. I will doing a smudging ritual inside & outside my home during the eclipse. I wouldn’t recommend any other rituals today.

Excerpt from Chapter 2

Majeed was right; they had to hurry. Barricades alone wouldn’t keep curious guards with keys from following them. A new shorter passage around the corner allowed them to walk abreast and the spicy attitude of woody frankincense overpowered her. Jutting alabaster lintels marked the locations of false-doors in both walls. As if drawn to one door like metal to a magnet, she stopped. An eerie sense of déjà vu briefly displaced her when she touched its raised painted hieroglyphics.

Have I been here before?

The door lacked hieroglyphics on the lintel and doorjamb. Covered bridges connected the two tracts of land forming rings around a circular nucleus island. A massive canal connected the outer ring of water to the raging ocean, and she traced it up and around the irrigation ditches that channeled water from the lofty northern mountains to the sea. Pyramidal-type temples conglomerated around a central citadel. Individual paths bedecked with flowers diverged from the palace and intertwined into a single causeway. She inspected the Lilliputian people and buildings on the exterior circle with her magnifying glass.

“Holy crap, Sis. It’s Atlantis.” She elbowed Elise in the ribs. “This place is definitely a hoax.”

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