Life as a…

Stone walls enclose my sanctuary.  Sprawled on polished splendor, the floor cools my belly.  Light pours down from slits in the walls as the sun’s brilliance pierces the dark like a yellow diamond.  People scurry about, traveling through life’s daily routine.  A man stoops down to stroke my black hair and massage my perky little ears. His hand warms my finicky soul bringing a smile to my lips.  I respond to his touch with an arching back and soft sounds escape my throat.  Pleased am I that someone has paid particular attention to my silent plea for love.  Reward him, shall I, for his unwarranted affections.  I stretch my numbing arms and legs, then roll over onto my back playfully so that my tummy can welcome the warmth of his touch.
“Little friend,” he says, ” I must hurry this day for my master requires much of me.  I promise, I will return to give you more.  Now I must go, so do please excuse me.”  The man’s voice trails off as he stands to leave.  I turn over again in silent contemplation recalling the man’s kindness.
My nose twitches.  Soft aromas waft on a gentle breeze.  I hop to my feet so that I may follow the tempting smells.  My appetite is seduced and a ravenous hunger bubbles to the surface.  I am led by my senses to a wondrous place called the kitchen.  This is where the enticing odors emanate from to tease me.
Once inside, I happen upon a creamy white liquid and rush to drink its nectar.  My thirst is temporarily quelled but the craving for food remains persistent.  I grab the attention of a young woman who hands me a morsel of supple meat.  Thanking her before I scamper away with my meal, I must find a place to hide so that I can enjoy this feast in solitude.
I locate a small alcove and put my back against the wall.  Vigilance assures that no other will taste the sweet meat given to me.  Playfully I pick away chunks from the creature’s bone.  No sorrow do I feel for it while munching on its perfectly roasted meat.  Juices tantalize my over sensitive taste buds and I reel from pure ecstasy as my stomach is filled to the point of bursting.  Licking my appendages only enhances the ever bloating feeling.
Time to rest so the sumptuous meal can settles its heat through my veins.  I lay on the floor once more. Slumber looms in the recesses of my mind before slowly consuming my body and engulfing me within its comfortable darkness.  Now I sleep.
Interrupted, I wake to recognize the kind man lifting me from my hiding spot.  I roll my eyes with pleasure when he lovingly caresses my head.  Happiness fills my soul knowing that he has returned like he had promised earlier.  He snuggles me to his chest with a smile on his face and kind words upon his lips.
“My task is done for today.  I have returned to whisk you away.  Take you home with me I will, but promise me that mouse you’ll kill.”
This is a day in my life…

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